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Welcome to!

Our life is a story! It may be a really long or could be rather short, it could be simple or complicated only time will tell. There are many scenes, large and small, and many "firsts". Your first step; your first tooth; your first day of school; your first love; your first kiss; your first game; your first heartbreak. If you stop and think of it, your heart has lived through quite a story thus far. And oveover your life time r you the course of your story, your heart has learned many things. Some of what you learned is completely true, but remember much is not. Here at Christian Stories online, we hope you have the chance to find out the truth through looking at all encouraging stories, inspirational stories, cool stories, poems, and quotes!

What is Christian Stories Online all about....the transformation! Just like any great story that we have came to know has the bad transformed into good, the ugly transformed into beautiful, the hopeless and dreamless walking away has hero's! It's the beauty of all stories and that's the whole purpose that in our stories that you will be reading on our site you will not only come to understand this great act of transformation that so many have already came to know! Why are we all so interested in the stories, the cool stories of transformation? Can you even think of a movie or novel that does not have this story line of transformation in their story? Why christian stories online know that transformation is an essential part of any great story? Because it is the secret to Christianity, and read closely, Christianity is the secret to the universe! You must be transformed!

We here at christian stories online want to share through christian stories, inspiring stories, motivational stories, poems, and quote only to encourage you through your transformation. So may our stories, poems, and quotes only help while lean and teach each other. They can be inspiring, motivational, or just help us not let history repeat itself. Here we feel that stories are so important in you daily lives to transform our lives. We have even started up a free section where you can right your own personal journals. Just like we believe that stories can help teach you, we feel that your own stories are just as valuable if not more valuable for you to learn, inspire, motivate, encourage, or just learn from. So all for free we have the all new journals section is up and running! You can sign up for a free account Here.

Remember, the purpose of this thing called the Christian life is that our hearts might be restored and set free. That's the deal. That's what Jesus came to do, by his own annoucement. Jesus wants Life for us, Life with a capital L, and that Life comes to us through our hearts. But restoring and releasing the heart is no easy project. God doesn't just throw a switch and poof - it's done. He sends his Counselor to walk with us instead. That tells us it's going to be a process.

'You must be born again.' John 3:7